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CUES: Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability

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This website is called CUES, Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability.  Please scroll down to see all the relevant information on each page. This website is an online educational component of the research and outreach program of Vera Krischik. This website is  concerned with  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of landscape, nursery, greenhouse, turf, and Christmas trees.

August 2014 A new CFANS CUES site is being developed. One day the entire website will move, when new CFANS web templates are finished.  Visit the CFANS CUES website at

Visit the extension CUES website at

 For more information, contact Dr. Vera Krischik, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, at or 612-625-7044


Introduction to CUES and Vera Krischik's lab


 Information about CUES
Introduction to Vera Krischik's Lab
2014 research on IPM, neonicotinyl insecticides, beneficial insects, and bees

Beneficial insect research and extension

Honey Bee

Pollinator Conservation: Mitigating Pollinator Decline 

Funded by LCCMR grant 2010-2013

Information on conservation of bees and other pollinators

Native Wildflowers

Gervais Lake Shoreland Project

Funded by MET council grant 1997-2001

Using native plants to attract beneficial insects


Educational workshops in extension

MDA/MNLA/UM pesticide certification workshops

 (links below)

Register at MNLA for

March 19+20, 2014

April 9+10, 2014

Online Master Gardener workshops (links below)

2013 Pollinator conservation online workshop

2005 Master Gardener online course

2014 Vera Krischik's talks and handouts

2014 June 2 Dakota MG talk .pdf

2014 June 2 Dakota County Master Gardeners, handout.pdf

2014 June 2 Dakota County Master Gardeners, handout2.pdf

2014 April 22 Earth Day at the MN Landscape Arboretum, Krischik's talk slideshow (pdf)

2014 April 5 Audubon Society, talk.pdf

2014 April 5 Audubon Society, handout.pdf

Jan 8 and 10, 2014, MNLA Green Expo, (links below)

8:00 am, 4:00 pm Pollinators and Pesticides SS     

11:00 am Greenhouse IPM SS

         Handout on GH IPM programs

         Handout on GH Insecticides

         Handout on GH fungicides   

2014 Greenhouse pests, insecticides, and labels

2008 Greenhouse insecticides

MNLA Newsletter (links below)

April 08
April 07
April 06
March 06


UM courses taught by Krischik from 2000 to 2014

Ornamental & Turf Entomology ENT 4015

Spring 2014


Pesticides ENT 5009

Spring 2014

ENT 5009 old




IPM information

Introduced Pine Sawflies

Other websites on insecticides and insects

Additional websites with information relevant to landscape IPM

Insecticides for greenhouse, turf, and landscape (no link)

2014 Greenhouse pests, insecticides, and labels

2008 Greenhouse insecticides

2008 New insecticides for all sites

2010-2013 LCCMR Pollinator Conservation

IPM of Midwest Landscapes

Entire book is online with links to  chapters

Order form


Euonymus Scale

Tree insects

Information about managing tree insects


June Beetle

Turf insects

Information about managing turf insects


Beneficial parasitoid feeding on flower nectar (W. Cranshaw, photo)

Beneficial insects

Information about beneficial insects, mites, and spiders


Marjorie McNeely Conservatory

Greenhouse IPM: insects, beneficials, and insecticides

Pest identification and pest management information


Nitidulid Beetle

Tree insect and disease diagnosis on elm, oak, pine, spruce

Introduced Elm Leaf Beetle


Tree insect and disease diagnosis for conifers and hardwood trees



Christmas tree management  (links below)

2014 March 14 MCTA winter meeting slide show

2014 March 14 MCTA winter meeting  insecticides Christmas trees (Penn State)

2014 March 14 MCTA winter meeting fir insects and diseases (Oregon State)

2009 Websites for Xmas Tree IPM

Jumping Spider

Spiders of the Midwest

Common spiders of the Midwest United States

Cottonwood Leaf Beetle

Cottonwood leaf beetle

Information about the cottonwood leaf beetle

Black Vine Weevil

Black vine weevil

Information about the black vine weevil


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