MNLA/UM Pesticide Certification Training Workshop

Taking the A and E certification exam:

It is strongly recommend that you consider purchasing the following three study guides:

  1. Mail order by calling 612-627-0108 and speak with Louis Allgeyer or
  2. Walk-in and purchase at  the St. Paul Book store, 2017 Buford Ave, St. Paul, 55108. Call 612.624.9200 to ensure availability.

Day One

7:15-7:40 a.m.  Registration
7:45 Introduction, Vera Krischik
7:50 Certification and licensing MDA (MN Supplement- 2008 book)
Presented by Ruth Marston

Pesticides in the environment (Manual E, chapter 9)

Pest Management (manual NP, chapter 1)

Pesticides and the Environment (manual NP, chapter 7)

Presented by Vera Krischik

9:35-9:45 Break
9:45 The Language of the Green Industry (manual E, chapter 1)
Professional Conduct (manual NP, chapter 12)
Presented by Mike McDonough

Personal Protective Equipment (manual NP, chapter 6)

Transportation, Storage, and Security (manual NP, chapter 8)

Emergency or Incidence Response (manual NP, chapter 9)

Presented by Mike McDonough

11:30 Lunch

Planning the pesticide application (Manual NP, chpater10)

Plant Health Care (manual E, chapter 2)
Presented by Mike  McDonough


Plant Diseases (manual E, chapter 5)
Nematodes (manual E, chapter 6)
Presented Vera Krischik

1:45-1:55 Break

Weeds (manual E, chapter 4)
Soil Fumigation (manual E, chapter 12)
Presented by Mike McDonough


Insects and Their Relatives (manual E, chapter 3)

Vertebrates (manual E, chapter 7)

Presented by Vera Krischik


Pesticides and Formulations (manual NP, chapter 4)

Presented by Mike McDonough


Federal Pesticide Laws (manual NP, chapter 2)

Pesticide Labeling (manual NP, chapter 3)

Pesticide Hazards and First Aid -(manual NP, chapter 5)

Presented by Vera Krischik


Day  Two


8:00 a.m.

Application Equipment (manual E, chapter 8)

Pesticide Application Procedures (manual NP, chapter 11)

Presented by Mike McDonough

8:30 -1:00 Review
1:00  Pesticide Certification Exam