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CUES: Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability

Abiotic Problems - Weather and Exposure Stresses

Weather extremes and exposure to these extremes cause a lot of stress and damage to evergreens in the upper Midwest. In particular, winter drying of foliage, freeze drying of foliage in later winter/early spring/early autumn, winter cold temperature damage to foliage and stem tissues, and snow/ice breaking damage are common abiotic agents of damage.

Pines showing winter drying
Arborvitae, winter drying
Yews, winter drying
Evergreens, freeze drying
Mugo Pines, freeze drying
Pines, freeze drying damage
Winter injury to new plantings
Damage from snow accumulation
Pyramidal arborvitae, snow damage
Pines, snow damage

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Last modified on March 06, 2013