Table 5. Checklist of Minnesota butterflies.

(Based upon Ronald L. Huber’s list, originally published September, 1981. Nomenclature updated 9/95.)

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Family Hesperiidae

Subfamily Pyrginae Subfamily Heteropterinae Subfamily Hesperiinae


Family Papilionidae

Subfamily Papilioninae

Family Pieridae

Subfamily Pierinae Subfamily Anthocharinae Subfamily Coliadinae

Family Lycaenidae

Subfamily Miletinae Subfamily Lycaeninae Subfamily Theclinae Subfamily Polyommatinae

Family Riodinidae

Subfamily Riodininae

Family Libytheidae

Family Heliconiidae

Subfamily Heliconiinae

Family Nymphalidae

Subfamily Argynninae Subfamily Melitaeinae Subfamily Nymphalinae Subfamily Limenitidinae Subfamily Danainae

Family Apaturidae

Subfamily Apaturinae

Family Satyridae

Subfamily Elymniinae Subfamily Satyrinae
Date __________________________________
Time __________________________________
Conditions __________________________________
Location __________________________________
Observers __________________________________

Revised 9/28/95
Reprinted with Permission

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