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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Dr. Vera Krischik

    Quiz 3: 2005 Clearwing Borers
Quiz 3 Instructions
  From your readings on the websites below and other websites, please answer the following questions. Cut and paste or attach your answer into the email message and add "MG" and your name and quiz number to the top of the answer. Answers should be emailed to MGADVANCED@LISTS.UMN.EDU. All enclosures must be labeled "last name, quiz #.doc."
Quiz 3 Assignment
  Develop an IPM program for lilac/ash borer, banded ash clearwing, and dogwood borer. Using the chapter by Herms in "IPM of Midwest Landscapes" indicate the degree day and plant phenological event when each of these three species are active. Use the entry on clearwing borers in "IPM of Midwest Landscapes" to learn some more details on the life history and management of clearwing borers. Use the research article for more details.

Your answer should be around one page long and include information on scouting, damage symptoms, female/male emergence (degree day, plant phenological event, calendar date), benefits to using traps, how traps work, pesticide choice and timing, biorational pesticide, tactic evaluation.
Quiz 3 Online Resources

  1. IPM of Midwest Landscapes, Chapter 11: Using Degree-Days and Plant Phenology to Predict Pest Activity (Herms: Ohio State U)

  2. IPM of Midwest Landscapes: Clearwing Borers (p. 88)

  3. Research November 2004, Vera Krischik, Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota, Clearwing moth borers (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) in Minnesota

IPM of Midwest Landscapes

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