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IPM of Midwest Landscapes

Beneficial Arthropods
Class Arachnida, Order Acari (mites)
  Phytoseiidae, predatory mites
Class Arachnida, Order Araneae (spiders)
  Spiders (many families)

Crab spider, Misumenoides formosipes (Thomisidae)
David Keith, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Class Insecta, Order Coleoptera (beetles)
  Cantharidae, soldier beetles
Carabidae, ground beetles
Cicindelidae, tiger beetles
Coccinellidae, lady beetles
Class Insecta, Order Diptera (flies)
  Asilidae, robber flies
Cecidomyiidae, gall and predatory midges
Syrphidae, syrphid, hover or flower flies
Tachinidae, tachinid flies
Class Insecta, Order Hemiptera (true bugs)
  Anthocoridae, minute pirate bugs
Lygaeidae, bigeyed bugs
Miridae, pirate bugs
Pentatomidae, stink bugs
Reduviidae, assassin bugs
Class Insecta, Order Hymenoptera (wasps)
  Aphelinidae, aphelinid wasps
Braconidae, braconid wasps
Chalcididae, chalcidid or gall wasps
Encyrtidae, encyrtid wasps

Ichneumonidae, ichneumonid wasps
Scelionidae, scelionid wasps
Trichogrammatidae, trichogrammatid wasps
Vespidae, yellow jackets, hornets, common wasps
Class Insecta, Order Neuroptera (lacewings, mantidflies)
  Chrysopidae, green lacewings
Hemerobiidae, brown lacewings
Mantispidae, mantidflies
Class Insecta, Order Thysanoptera (thrips)
  Aleolothripidae, predatory thrips
Phlaeothripidae, predatory thrips

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