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CUES: Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability

Insect Pests of Ornamentals and Their Management

Borers: Beetles, Class Insecta, Order Coleoptera

Roundheaded Borers (Cerambycidae)

Asian Longhorned Beetle

Elm Borer

Locust Borer

Linden Borer

Roundheaded Appletree Borer

Twig Girdler

Twig Pruner


Flatheaded Borers (Buprestidae)

Bronze Birch Borer

Emerald Ash Borer

Flatheaded Appletree Borer

Twolined Chestnut Borer

Bark Beetles (Scolytidae)

Ambrosia Beetle

European Elm Bark Beetle

Native Elm Bark Beetle

Pine Engraver

Pine Shoot Beetle

Weevils (Curculionidae)

Pales Weevil

Pine Root Collar Weevil

Poplar-and-Willow Borer

White Pine Weevil

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