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Information About Insecticides/Miticides
(Common Chemical Name)
Trade Name(s) Classification Oral
LD 50 1
abamectin Avid microbial toxins 650 >2000 Merck
acephate Dendrex, Isotox IV, Orthene, Otthenex organophosphate 980 10250 Valent
azadiractin (=neem, azatin) Azatin, Turplex botanical >5000 >2000 O. M. Scott, Olympic
azinphos-methyl Guthion organophosphate 19 220 Miles
Bacillus thuringiensis
var. kurstaki
Biobit, Bactospeine, Caterpillar Attack, Dipel, Javelin Larvo-BT, Thuricide, Victory and others spores + crystalline delta-endotoxin, microbial none none Numerous - Abbott, DuPont, Upjohn Co, Ecogen, etc.
Bacillus thuringiensis var. tenebrio (=san diego) M-One, Trident IT microbial none none Mycogen, Sandoz
bendiocarb Dycarb, Ficam, Turcarn carbamate 156 >1000 Agrevo
bifenthrin Talstar pyrethroid 375 >2000 FMC
carbaryl Carbaryl, Sevimol, Sevin carbonate 246 >4000 Rhone-Poulenc, Drexel
chlorpyrifos Dursban, Pageant organophosphate 270 2000 DowElanco
cryolite Kryocide inorganic fluorine practically nontoxic Atochem
cyfluthrin Decathlon, Tempo pyrethroid 826 >2000 Miles, Olympic
cyromazine Citation trizine growth inhibitor 3387 >2000 Novartis
dicofol Docofol, Kelthane chlorinated hydrocarbon 595 >5000 Rohm & Haas
dicrotophos Bidrin, Inject-a-cide B organophosphate 17 224 DuPont, Mauget
dienochlor Pentac chlorinated hydrocarbon 3160 >3160 Sandoz
diflubenzuron Dimilin insect growth regulator >4640 >10,000 Uniroyal
dimethoate Cygon, Dimethoate organophosphate 235 >400 Amencan Cyanamid, Drexel
disulfoton Di-Syston organophosphate 4 10 Miles
endosulfan Endocide, Phaser,Thiodan chlorinated hydrocarbon 160 359 FMC, Hoechst
esfenvalerate Asana XL pyrethroid 458 >2000 DuPont
fenetrothion Pestroy organophosphate 800 1300 PBI-Gordon
fenoxycarb Precision carbamate IGR 9220 >2000 Novartis
fenpropathrin Tame pyrethroid 71-164 >2000 Valent
fluvalinate Mavrik Aqua Flow pyrethroid 282 20000 Sandoz
hexythiazox Hexygon carboxamide 5000 >5000 Gowan
imidacloprid Marathon, Merit chloronicotinyl 450 >2000 Bayer, Olympic
isofenphos Discus, Oftanol organophosphate 20 700 Bayer, Olympic
lambda-cyhalothrin Scimitar pyrethroid 79 632 Zenica
lindane Lindane chlorinated hydrocarbon 125 1000 Drexel, Bonide
malathion Cythion, Malathion organophosphate 1000 4100 Setre, Drexel, UAP
metaldehyde Bug-Geta, Deadline, Slug-Geta metacetaldehyde 360 --- Valent
methiocarb Grandslam, Mesurol carbamate 20 >5000 Olympic, Bayer
methoxychlor Martate, Methoxychlor chlorinated hydrocarbon 6000 >6000 Drexel, Prentiss
methyl parathion Methyl Parathion organophosphate 20 491 Platte
naled Dibrom organophosphate 272 1100 Valent
oxarnyl Oxamyl,Vydate carbarnate 5.4 2960 DuPont
oxydemeton-methyl Harpoon, Inject-a-cide, Metasystox-R2 organophosphate 48 112 Gowan
oxythioquinox Joust, Morestan dithiocarbonate 1500 >2000 Bayer, Olympic
parathion Parathion organophosphate 2 50 Platte
permethrin Ambush, Pounce pyrethroid 4000 >4000 FMC, Zeneca
petroleum oils Dormant, Summer, Superior Oils, etc. hydrocarbon oils exempt numerous
phosmet Imidan organophosphate 147 >4640
propargite Omamite sulfate ester 4029 2940 Uniroyal
pyrethrum Pyrethrin, Pyrellin, Pyrenone, etc. botanical 1500 1800 Fairfield, Prentiss, etc.
resmethrin Resmethrin pyrethroid >2500 >3000 Fairfield
rotenone, cube Prentox, Rotenone botanical 1500 --- Fairfield, Prentiss
soaps, pesticidal Aphid-Mite Attack, Insecticidal Soap, M-Pede, etc. fatty acid salts practically nontoxic Mycogen, Ringer
trichlorfon Dylox, Proxol organophosphate 250 >2100 Bayer, Agrevo

1 Farm Chemicals Handbook '95 (Meister Publishing Co., Willoughby, OH), and technical data information where available.
2 Equals milligrams per kilogram of body weight applied orally or dermally. (1 milligram - 1/1,000 of a gram, 454 grams=1 lb.)

Shetlar, D. and D. Herms. 1998. Insect and mite control on woody ornamentals and herbaceous perennials. Ohio State Extension Bulletin 504. pp. 72-73.

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