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CUES: Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability

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Academic Courses

  Entomology 4015: Ornamentals and Turf Entomology

prereq 1xxx course in biol or hort or forest resources
Offered: Spring Semesters, Twin Cities (classroom) and Crookston (distance delivery)
Instructor: Krischik,Vera Aber
Description: This is an introductory course for undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals with an interest in the management of insects in urban landscapes and in greenhouse, turf and nursery industries. The course examines the principles and implementation of Integrated Pest Management programs to manage pests. IPM is the practice of using a variety of cultural, biological and chemical methods to manage insects. IPM methods include biorational and biological pest controls, monitoring insect populations and the judicious use of chemical pesticides applied at the most vulnerable time in an insect's life history. Pest life histories, risk potential, and biological control potential are reviewed. One goal of IPM is to reduce any harmful impact chemicals may have on beneficial insects, wildlife or water quality. This is a web-based course using the CUES website ( and other IPM resources on the web. The required textbook is V. Krischik and J. Davidson. 2004. IPM of Midwest Landscapes. UMN extension number SB-07645
Class URL:
Class Time: 60% lecture, 10% closed-circuit TV, 5% discussion, 25% laboratory
Work Load: 30 pages of reading per week, 15 pages of writing per semester, 4 exam(s), 0 paper(s), ten web-based quizzes
Grade: 20% mid-semester exam(s), 20% final exam(s), 30% quizzes, 25% lab work, 5% problem solving
Exam format: Essay and multiple choice


  Hort 5009: Pesticides in Horticulture: Their Use and Abuse

A-F only, prereq [4251 or concurrent enrollment 4251 or Ent 4015 or concurrent enrollment Ent 4015],
Offered: Spring Semesters
Instructor: Gillman, Jeffrey Hays, Herzfeld, Dean, Krischik,Vera Aber
Description: This course covers the basics of pesticide use in horticulture. Major pesticide groups will be covered including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and others. Mode of action, environmental fate, toxicity, and other pertinent information will be covered for various compounds. Pesticide application and safety will also be covered. Ethical use of pesticides will be investigated and discussed in depth.

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