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Quiz 2: Types of Bees (and other insect pollinators)

1. Which bee is NOT native to North America?

Bumble bee

Blue orchard bee

Honey bee

Melissodes bimaculata

2. What type of metamorphosis do bees undergo?





3. What is unique about bees that make them such efficient pollinators?

They actively collect pollen for their larvae

They are hairy

They are attracted to flowers

All of the above

4. What insect is this?




Apis mellifera

Bombus impatiens

Megachile sp.

Vespula maculifrons


Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State,

5. Name three insects other than bees that you might encounter feeding on nectar.

Crab spider, wasp, and June beetle

Mosquito, butterfly, and dragonfly

Yellowjacket, tick, and caterpillar

Sand wasp, checkered beetle, and hover fly

6. Where might you find this bee nesting?




In your lawn

In a papery nest under the overhang of the roof

In a tunnel in a tree, made by a longhorned beetle

In a hole in the siding of your house, made by the new family puppy


Scott Bauer, USDA Ag. Research Service,

7. Which is NOT a bee?











Jeremy Lee,


Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State,


David Cappaert, Michigan State University,


A          A & B          B          B & C

8. Bumble bees are used commercially to pollinate which of the following crops?



Pome fruits


9. What does this insect feed to its larvae?






Animal droppings

Wasp larvae



Jessica Lawrence, Eurofins Agroscience Services,


10. Which statement is true about the sweat bees (Halictidae)?

Halictids usually nest in the ground or in wood

Most species are solitary

Some species are important native pollinators

All of the above

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