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Introduced pine sawflies
(Diprion similis)
Female (left) and male (right)

Steven Katovich, USDA Forest Service,
Asian longhorned beetle larva
(Anoplophora glabripennis)



PlantFacts from Ohio State

MN Kelly Registration Systems

Forest Pests of North America

CDMS Chemical Information Services, Labels & MSDS

Forestry Images

Greenbook: Labels & MSDS (free registration required)

Cornell University Biological Control

Koppert Biological Systems: Side Effects Database

NC State Index to the Compendium of Hexapod Classes and Orders

Ch. 9: Classes of Pesticides Used in Landscape/Nursery Pest Management (Cranshaw: Colorado State)

UMN ENT 4015 Insect Morphology

Pesticide Compatibility with Biological Control (Sadof and Raupp: Michigan State)

UMN (modified from NC State) Keys to Orders and Groups of Insects and Other Arthropods on Ornamentals

Ornamentals: Information About Insecticides/Miticides (Shetlar and Herms: Ohio State)

U Arizona Tree of Life Web Project: Arthropoda

Turf: Information About Insecticides/Miticides (Boehm et. al.: Ohio State)

Managing Lawn and Turf Insects (Krischik and Ascerno: UMN)

Pesticides for Home, Nursery, and Landscape (Krischik and Delahaut: UMN/ U Wisconsin)


Pesticides for Turf (Krischik: UMN)


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