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Diagnosis Case: Pine

Details: A homeowner calls and says that the pines in their yard have been attacked by something. The homeowner initially said that there are needles missing. You know that there has been a lot of European Pine Sawfly cases this summer, but must make sure this is the correct diagnosis. It is your job to make an accurate insect diagnosis for this homeowner's pines so proper control methods can be followed. You must know first, what symptoms and signs to look for and secondly, what questions to ask. By selecting questions below, you will be able to note the differences in insect patterns that will help you diagnose the problem. Good Luck!

picture of Pine


What are the kind of pine trees are affected?

Do new, old, or both new and old needles show symptoms?

If you see the larvae, are they found singularly or did they appear individually?

What time of year were insects visible?

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