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Diagnosis Case: Pine

The European Pine Sawfly feeds on old growth, leaving new growth to grow. Although, pines rarely die from the European Pine Sawfly, crowns can look very thin due to lack of old needles. Click on the links below to see pictures of damage caused by European Pine Sawfly.
European Pine Sawfly damage
European Pine Sawfly damage close-up.

Other insects such as the Eastern Pine Shoot Borer, European Pine Shoot Moth, and the Red Pine Shoot Moth are examples of other insects that can cause damage. However, their damage symptoms are quite distinguishable from damage of the European Pine Sawfly.
***Below are a few examples of damage that are NOT similar to the European Pine Sawfly.
The European Pine Shoot Moth can cause terminal and lateral buds to be killed or distorted, creating a deformed stem
The Eastern Pine Shoot Borer makes smaller infested shoots look reddish. Symptoms of flagging are also present while larvae are feeding. Because of the clean breaks, (as seen to the right) plants that are repeatedly infested year after year may begin to look bushy.
The Red Pine Shoot Moth, only found on Red Pine, will mainly attack the pine in the upper crown of open-grown trees. Attacked shoots have a pitch tube and are hollowed out.

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Last modified on March 06, 2013