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Diagnosis Case: Spruce

Other insects that may be present on spruce include the Yellowheaded Spruce Sawfly and the Spruce Budworm. Besides noting physical characteritics (as seen in the pictures below), use the table below to determine what times and stages these insects are present.
Yellowheaded Spruce Sawfly
Spruce Budworm

Type of Insects No. of Generations Insect Stage Time they are present
Spruce Spider Mites 6+ in hot summers Larvae first emerge in May - June

Nymphs shortly after larvae emerge

Adults shortly (6-10 days) after nymph stage
Yellowheaded Spruce Sawfly 1 Larvae mid June - early July

Adults May - early June
Spruce Budworm 1 Larvae 1) hatch in late summer & stay protected for winter in cacoon 2)emerge in early spring to feed

Adult early July - early August


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Last modified on March 06, 2013