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Diagnosis Case: Spruce

Details: A homeowner calls and says that someone said they have spider mites on thier Colorado Blue Spruce. It is your job to determine if the correct diagnosis was made.

Spider mites effect spruce and can cause death if infestations are high enough. To make a diagnosis for spruce spider mites you must know first, what symptoms and signs to look for and secondly, what questions to ask. By selecting questions below, you will be able to note the differences between spider mites and other insect problems. Good Luck!

picture of Spruce with mite infestation


Is there any evidence of webbing?

Is there any sign of tiny moving dots in the webbing?

Do needles appear to be mottled, turning yellow to brown?

Is there evidence of mining of the needles?

Is there any sign of larvae or mature insects with the naked eyes?

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