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CUES: Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability

Diagnosis Case: Elm

Details: A homeowner calls and says they are concerned because they think their Elm has beetles. It is your job to determine if they have beetles and which kind they have.

The Native Elm Bark Beetle and the European Elm Bark Beetle can both cause death by transmitting Dutch Elm Disease. It is your job to make an accurate insect diagnosis for this homeowner's Elm tree so proper control methods can be followed. You must know first, what symptoms and signs to look for and secondly, what questions to ask. By selecting questions below, you will be able to note the differences between Elm beetles. Good Luck!

picture of Elm


Is there any evidence of shotholes in the leaves?

Are any branches flagging or wilting?

Are there tunnels under the bark of removed limbs?

Are there pin-sized holes in the bark?

When are the beetles present and what do they look like?


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Last modified on March 06, 2013